Who is Studio Byrd?

I am Stephanie Byrd, a designer and editor working in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy designing and editing a wide range of print and electronic publications.

The history of Studio Byrd

The formative years

I began my first design business, Superior Signs, intending it to be a cash cow for my detective agency. Rugworth, Snidely, and Plumber were engaging in mostly self-directed investigative work at the time and our cash flow was inadequate to supply the specialized equipment advertised in The Whole Spy Catalogue. The “Detective Dollars” campaign, an early marketing push, created enough synergy with the design arm to leverage our investigative potential.

Journalism also interested me early in life. The All-Fruit News, a single-column newspaper printed on a dot-matrix printer, was my contribution as a founding member of the Fruit Club in elementary school.

In middle school I grossed perhaps six dollars with Cafeteria Cartoons before the magazine was shut down for fear of offending the lunch ladies. In high school my book-length comic [Teacher's name withheld for privacy] Versus the Universe brought yet more critical acclaim. I also founded and edited a newsletter for my church called The Hope Telescope, a presage of things to come.

The development of a profession

My college years were devoted to writing rather than visual art, unless you count a painting class and a large sidewalk chalk advertisement for a friend’s political campaign. I wrote and edited for the official student paper and did layout for the underground paper. I also won our student creative writing contest for short fiction two years in a row.

After college, I taught English in France for a school year and then began work as a copywriter for a publishing house in Oregon, crafting marketing copy for many inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging books. I also copyedited, proofread, and wrote manuscript reviews. Three years later I moved to Texas to work in the publications department of a large church. The position combined graphic design, layout, writing, and editing, in a great working environment.

In 2009, I decided to begin providing the above services to other clients during my personal time. That was the birth of Studio Byrd. Since summer 2010, I have been living in Portland, Oregon, and devoting myself full-time to this entrepreneurial endeavor.