Wedding suite

August 10, 2014

Never before have I been, and probably never again will I be, asked to design a wedding invitation featuring the Millennium Falcon. The trick with these sci-fi-themed wedding pieces was to keep them classy-looking with a touch of whimsy. It was all thoroughly enjoyable, especially since I got to draw a map, one of my favorite things.

wedding suite

Letterpress Christmas cards

December 25, 2012

I took a letterpress class, and for the final project I printed our family Christmas cards using my own calligraphic image on a variety of papers. The tree background was printed with a handmade photopolymer plate. To print the second color, I traced my own calligraphy in Illustrator to create a digital vector file and ordered the plate from Boxcar Press. It was helpful to learn the letterpress process firsthand, and I was very pleased with the cards, but I’m not sure how much chance I will have to personally print letterpress projects in the future.

Christmas cards

Christmas concert program 2011

December 7, 2011

This client is particularly fond of medieval church architecture. I had a feeling, a couple of years ago when I took photos of the Strasbourg Cathedral, that they might come in handy for one of my church-related projects. If only you could see the shimmering metallic gold and purple inks instead of the flat hues in this humble screenshot. That would almost make up for not being there in person to see the red Vosges sandstone, aflame with the rays of the setting sun.

Christmas concert program

Performing Arts Series 2011–2012

July 27, 2011

This concert series brochure employs an enticing fold that suits the title on the outside, “Come and Hear.” Unfold it once and you see an introductory paragraph and a photo (my own) of the church entryway. Unfold it once again and you see the entire concert series on one spread.

Performing Arts Series brochure photograph

Performing Arts Series brochure scan

Magazine: third issue

July 5, 2011

A few screenshots from the third issue of Baylor’s nursing school magazine:

Learn.Lead.Serve spring/summer 2011 issue

Prayer card

February 7, 2011

Some friends of mine run a hospital and orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Here is a postcard I designed to help their supporters remember them and pray for their work.

Haiti prayer card

Magazine: second issue

January 25, 2011

Once again I had the privilege of designing the Louise Herrington School of Nursing’s magazine. This second issue was special because it included a financial report with quite a few charts and graphs. I love charts and graphs, so this was a treat for me.

Learn.Lead.Serve fall/winter 2010–2011 issue

Learn.Lead.Serve fall/winter 2010–2011 issue 2

Performing Arts Series 2010–2011

October 15, 2010

Park Cities Presbyterian Church asked me to design the brochure for its 2010–2011 Performing Arts Series. We used two metallic Pantone colors, a copper and a deep gray-blue. I was very pleased with the subtlety of the blue instead of black, a change which was suggested by the client.
Performing Arts Series mailer

Nursing school magazine

September 7, 2010

Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing has not published a newsletter for a long time. This year the school celebrated its 100th anniversary, and they chose me to design a four-color, 28-page magazine that they intend to continue publishing semiannually.

Learn.Lead.Serve spring/summer 2010 issue

Learn.Lead.Serve spring/summer 2010

Concert posters

June 14, 2010

These posters all represent concerts from the 2009–2010 Park Cities Presbyterian Church Performing Arts Series.

Performing Arts Series concert posters

Performing Arts posters 2009–2010

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